How the girl that many put on their profile picture has changed over the past 10 years

Now among the celebrities who have become famous all over the world, there are many people who have made a name for themselves without much talent. Take the Kardashian-Jenner clan, for example, whose personal lives have been put on display thanks to a TV show. But even their play on scandals is nothing compared to the popularity of Nastya Shevchenko, who had to do nothing to win the love of the people.

Those who have been on the Vkontakte social network for centuries remember exactly a short girl with lush ash-colored hair with highlights and a slightly lopsided smile. Her business card is a thick bang that covers her eyebrows. Plus, to everything, Mickey Mouse ears, earrings with the flag of Great Britain – a set of popular things among young people at the beginning of the last decade.

Nastya Shevchenko adorned the pages of not only fakes, but also quite familiar classmates and friends from the yard.

Many hid behind the girl in order to communicate anonymously on the Internet, but after a while, the presence of only her pictures was evidence that the profile was not real. What can I say, they even shot a story for TNT about her – it’s hard to remain in the shadows after this.

At the moment, looking at us from almost every page of a decade ago, it no longer receives the lion’s share of popularity that then. Then, in her support, Vkontakte groups were opened, where fans tracked the events from Anastasia’s everyday life – who would not be flattered by such attention in adolescence.

Gradually, the demand for the network itself began to decrease, and the fans grew and began to understand that fame needed a little more effort than a couple of photos in the same style. However, Nastya also watches trends.

She can be found on TikTok where she makes videos and builds a new fan base.

The girl is radically different in appearance. Her natural hair is styled in a stylish updo. Beautiful clothes. Now other generations are picking up the trend of admiring her.

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