A young girl adopted a dog from a shelter and found out it was her childhood pup

There are stories that seem implausible, but still, they sometimes happen.

Such an event happened with a young girl, Nicole, 21 years old. Nicole Grimes, who lives in Pennsylvania, wanted to adopt a dog.

She started looking for puppies on social media.

While searching, she found a Pomeranian-Poodle mix. This dog had something attractive.

He reminded her of the adorable doggie from her childhood.

11 years passed from that day, when his grandmother gave him a present. So Nicole was 10 years old.

He was a cute puppy that the little girl really liked.

The dog’s name was Chloe. He became Nicole’s best friend. It was a sweet and inseparable friendship that lasted four years.

But one day his father found another job and the whole family had to move.

They went to live in another city, and the little girl had to give up her beloved pet. They took Chloe to the Washington Area Human Society.

Recalling his very heartbreaking moments, Nicol told the BBC: “I was ten years old when Grandma gave me a puppy that I had wanted for a long time.

When we were going to move, we left him because he was too yapping.

I was 14 then. I can’t remember that day without tears. When coming back from school in the street, I saw my father with Chloé, I understood everything.

He was going to leave the doggie in a shelter. »

But this distressing story had a happy ending.

When Nicole went to pick up her new dog, she learned that the pooch was 11 years old and called Chloe.

He looked a lot like his beloved dog. The woman immediately understood that it was her adorable Chloe.

“When he saw me he came running towards me and when I petted him he licked my face.

She was truly my dear furry friend, my lovely Chloe,” Nicole told the BBC.

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