She was standing in the middle of the mall. After a few seconds, something fantastic started! Enjoy!

This show is simply fascinating!

Each nation has its own individual, national dance. It is not repeated among any people in the world. Arriving in a certain country, you can enjoy the unprecedented beauty of a beautifully performed dance. For example, Latin American dances are known all over the world.

And everyone knows that if they come to Spain, they will be greeted by two extraordinary things: a Spanish guitar and an incredible flamenco dance. It is performed in special national costumes.

Girls usually wear floor-length shiny skirts with ruffles, and shoes have special heels. Often girls weave a red rose in their hair.

This time, everything happened spontaneously. The girl was walking through the mall. Visitors did not expect to see anything unusual. But she suddenly stopped for everyone and started tap dancing Irish. Curiously, this flash mob was immediately picked up by other mall visitors.

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