A stolen dog was found only a few days before being euthanized: its owner is happy

The man, named John, had a much loved dog. He adored her walking with him in the park or at the mother’s edge.

But, it’s been ten months since Mike was missing, the animal was probably stolen from his car.

John says the day his darling disappeared was the worst day of his life and it was unbearable to live without his boyfriend.

Despite the dog’s disappearance, John still hoped that one day he would see his four-legged best friend again.

Ten months have passed, but the man has never stopped thinking about his animal and looking for it. He posted a photo of his beloved on social networks, hoping to find him.

His friends also knew Mike and looked for him in the city and on the Internet.

In fact, the dog’s thief then took him to the shelter.

Mike was already old and taking socialization classes, but he couldn’t adapt easily and in a few days the dog had to be euthanized.

During those days, a volunteer at a dog shelter saw Nike’s photo, he thought that this pit bull in his shelter looked like the one in that photo.

The shelter worker contacted John and the man immediately went to the shelter and soon discovered his beloved dog. Yes, really, it was Nike!

The wise pooch immediately recognized his owner. It was unimaginable happiness for him. He suffered so much without his human.

Luckily, they found each other and are back together.

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