After a guy demonstrated a trick to the orangutan, he burst out laughing

Some people visit zoos to view the animals. And it is this man’s job to amuse them. A Connecticut guy named Dan Zaleski chose to show an orangutan from the Barcelona Zoo a straightforward trick. He most definitely did not anticipate such an answer from a primate!

The guy shows the monkey an empty glass at the start of the video before dropping the seed inside. The primate is paying close attention to this. The guy then shows the orangutan the glass after shaking it numerous times while silently removing the plant from it. Of course, the glass turns out to be empty.

The primate laughs wildly because he can’t believe what he’s seeing! At that time, a guy and a woman who were capturing everything on video couldn’t stop giggling as well!

The only humanoid primates in Asia, according to World WildLife, are orangutans, which are found in Indonesia and Malaysia. Sadly, these magic trick enthusiasts are now all but extinct. Only 115 thousand members of this species presently exist in their native habitat, according to specialists.

They are renowned for their intellect, extraordinary patience, and endearing looks. Evidently, orangutans enjoy magic tricks a lot. Look at this monkey, who erupted in laughter at the empty glass trick, to brighten your day a little.

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