A millionaire mother forces her children to earn their own money

Just because you’re a millionaire doesn’t mean you shouldn’t teach the importance of hard work to your children. This 41-year-old Briton has understood this well and this is what she has been striving to follow for almost 16 years.

In 2005, Charmaine Watson’s life was turned upside down. She discovers that she has just won the sum of 2.3 million pounds in the lottery (2.6 million euros). What a radical change of life for this single mother of an infant, Ryan (17 years old today), and unemployed at the time.

A few years later, Charmaine will marry her childhood friend, Robbie, with whom she will have two children, Georgia and Daniel, now aged 14 and 12. However, nothing to get excited about for Charmaine and her husband, who have decided to raise their children as if nothing had happened:

“ I just want them to grow up like normal kids. They are the ones who are responsible for some household chores. They get paid for the chores they do. Then they do what they want with that money. They can afford things, or save ”, specified Charmaine to the newspaper The Mirror in 2020 which reported the information.

A privileged castle life? Very little for Charmaine. The mother of a family wants her children to learn how to earn their money, ” we must teach them from an early age that money is earned through work “.

Charmaine has never interfered with her number one rule and her children’s pocket money is earned through work : ” Some weeks they get €5, sometimes €11, it depends on the amount of work done . These amounts are based on the average their friends receive. We want them to be treated on an equal footing ,” explains Charmaine.

This is how everyone continues their life as simply as possible. Robbie, the father, continues his profession as a carpenter, while Charmaine is a volunteer in an association.

The family’s only small obstacle was to build a house on the same street as their grandfather, who gave them their winning ticket: ” When I won, I absolutely wanted to live near my grandparents, who are very dear to me. With my mother, we lived with my grandparents for six years, my grandfather was like a father to me. Sadly, he has since left us ,” Charmaine shared.

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