Why Windsor Castle sent a letter to a newborn in America

For her two-year-old daughter, Caitlin Sutherland decided to make a dress like that of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. The girl’s mother got the idea from her daughter, who adores her corgis like the queen.

A light blue cloak, pearls, and brooches all contributed to the creation of the regal image. The outfit was completed with a light blue hat with glued curls. Facebook users commented a lot on the baby’s photos. Friends urged the girl’s mother to write the queen and include a picture in the letter.

A letter from England to Kentucky with the royal seal reached there about a month and a half later. The note stated:

“Your letter to Her Majesty was viewed favorably by her. The image of your daughter Jalein wearing a stunning costume made the Queen happy.

The baby’s parents will give her a letter from Windsor Castle when she is older. It will be displayed on the living room wall in a frame for the time being.

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