A two-month-old infant tells his mother, “I love you,” and she is thrilled

A loving mother recorded a moving video of her 8-week-old baby telling her, “I love you.” Any parent who hears their child say their first words can never forget that moment. Most infants start using speech sounds during the sixth month to request things like a bottle of milk or a toy and their parent’s names.

Due to the baby’s ability to make a variety of sounds, noises, and even screams that might indicate quite varied requirements, understanding these phrases can be challenging.

two-month-old infant Many viewers were startled by a recent YouTube video that showed an 8-week-old infant repeating after his mother while saying the words “I love you.”

They were discussing Christmas last year. Her mother questioned her about her day and whether she was successful in fulfilling all of her desires. Although the infant is unable to speak at this time, it is obvious that she is able to comprehend her mother’s words.

Mom stated:

Glad you enjoyed yourself. I’m happy you enjoyed yourself.

The infant didn’t respond, but she did grin gorgeously.

“Mama cherishes you,” her mother said, “I love you.”

The infant murmured “I love you.”

It’s not quite clear if that is what she stated, though. However, if you were to ask her mother or the majority of viewers, they would likely respond in the affirmative. When the infant said those words, her parents’ hearts melted.

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