Hearing the voice of this 6-year-old girl, the members of the jury knelt in front of her

Viewers have long loved various talent shows. A seven-year-old girl named Chelsea appeared on The Voice project, performing an original Alicia Keys song. After the first seconds of Chelsea’s performance, two of the judges immediately pressed the red button, inviting the girl to their team and approving her to stay on the draft.

The third member of the jury, after a short hesitation, also pressed the button and turned to the girl. At the end of the song, two of the judges literally fell to their knees in front of Chelsea, showing their absolute admiration for her talented performance, and Chelsea’s 103 million views on the internet proved that she really had an incredible talent. But then Chelsea started her song and the whole room was just stunned. They couldn’t believe their ears.

A 6-year-old girl sang with a mature, confident and beautiful female voice. The members of the jury did not hide their surprise.

I could see on their faces that they looked in disbelief and puzzled as to whether the girl was singing and how it was possible. Listen to his speech and you will see for yourself. This little singer amazes everyone: Chelsea is only eight years old and has a huge talent!

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