She Was At Work When Her Boss Called Her To His Office Urgently

Some people really like the TV show “Profit” on CNBC. In it, self-made millionaire Marcus Lemonis helps struggling small businesses by giving them his own money. Marcus Lemonis has long known how important it is for employees to be satisfied with their work and know that they are valued for what they do. His philosophy is to be fair and kind to his staff. This will make them care more about their work, which will make them more productive in the long run.

Tami Forbes operates the Key West Key Lime Pie Company shop. Tami only makes about $500 a week, even though she handles everything from marketing to stocking the shelves. Tami also has two sets of twins, ages eight, and is pregnant with her third child. Tami’s job requires her to be on her feet nine hours a day, and to make ends meet she works a second job. Of course, after work she has to be a mom when she gets home.

With Tami about to go on maternity leave, she was worried about how she would pay her bills. “I’m going to need your help before you leave. I have some things to do and you will be our leader here. “But to give you peace of mind, I wanted to give you some money,” Marcus says. Tami is then offered full salary during her maternity leave, with the promise of a raise when she returns to work. “It means everything to know that I’m getting a salary that I can live on and still save money…

I’ve never experienced that before,” she says. But Tami is in for an even bigger treat… Check out the video below:

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