They say this cat is to ugly to live with them as it scares their children. They might even put it to sleep

The woman brought the cat to the shelter and asked to pick her up. As it turned out, the woman thought that the animal was too ugly to live in her house, she also claimed that her children were afraid of the animal because of its appearance.

We could not understand why a cat that had lived with its owners for a long time suddenly began to frighten them. It also showed that her animal eyes were infected. According to the hostess, the disease appeared suddenly, without any reason.

The woman could hardly restrain her emotions, shouted at the shelter staff and demanded that the animal be taken away immediately, otherwise she threatened to euthanize the cat.

So Candy became a ward of our shelter. The cat turned out to be sociable and affectionate, she loves to sit in the hands of employees and constantly asks to be stroked.

Sweetie is a beautiful cat, but her former owners did not even try to consider her beauty, they preferred to get rid of her, as soon as the animal had health problems.

The cat’s eyesight was not affected by the infection, although we cannot check it due to the lack of an ophthalmologist in the city. Candy really needs its own home and a caring owner who will love her.

We learned that in the former family, Candy was for some time everyone’s favorite. The cat was brought in by adults so that children could learn responsibility from it. It’s just difficult to teach children to be responsible if adults themselves do not have this character trait.

These children saw an example of betrayal at an early age, their parents showed them that it is easier to get rid of a sick animal than to treat it, so it is hard to believe that as adults they will act differently.

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