The man could not abandon the emaciated and dehydrated dog

Barilla was taken to a shelter when she was just under a year old. The animal was very emaciated, weighing only 7 kg, which was well below normal for her age and size. Volunteers learned that the owners left the animal in a closed room without taking care of it. To have food and water. Barilla was very thin, her bones were clearly visible under the skin, and she did not have enough strength even to rise to her paws.

The dog struggled to get up, but after a few seconds he fell to the floor, unable to take a single step. The owner of the shelter decided to help the dog recover. Eduardo Rodriguez admits that in his years of helping homeless animals, he has never seen a dog so severely emaciated.

Barilla had to eat in small portions, but this had to be done often. Everything was complicated by the fact that the dog herself refused to eat and at first she had to be persuaded to eat at least something. After a while, Barilla began to recover, she regained her appetite, and from that moment her recovery went much faster. Eduardo became so attached to the dog that as soon as it became possible, he took her from the shelter to his home.

Thanks to love and care, Barilla fully recovered. Now she weighs 30 kg, she is a healthy, energetic and beautiful dog who adores her owner and spends a lot of time playing with other pets living in Eduardo’s house.

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