This sweet and affectionate dog has been desperately waiting for a home for 2 years

Jake will have a lot of love to give to his next masters, and the members of the British refuge where he is staying are convinced of it. Unfortunately, his presence there has dragged on for almost 2 years. The volunteers will then redouble their efforts to find him the family of his dreams.

It is in a refuge in north London, the RSPCA Southridge Animal Rescue that Jake has lived since 2020. The German Shepherd mix had to be separated reluctantly from his former masters, and since then, he has unfortunately not found a new family.

This is a real source of sadness for RSPCA members. Anna White, manager, speaks about him to the Metro newspaper: “Jake is a sweet and affectionate dog. He’s everyone’s best friend here. We all fell in love with him!”

This is why the volunteers are mobilizing relentlessly to find him a new family. This ball of fur, who has so much love to give, must also be adopted in accordance with specific rules.

Living in a house with a large garden, and only with adults, are among the recommendations related to the adoption of Jake. To ensure that the 9-year-old pooch enjoys a peaceful retirement, RSPCA members are as accurate as possible in their description of the canine.

They add that it is preferable that Jake be adopted by an owner accustomed to the breed of German Shepherd. Being able to sometimes insistently pull on his leash during walks, his future master will also have to be able to walk him safely.

Distrustful at first, he nevertheless quickly gives his confidence and is particularly affectionate towards those who reach out to him. He is a well-educated dog who will undoubtedly spread immense happiness in his future home. We wish this dog “ready to do anything to get out of the kennel” to find the family of his dreams as soon as possible.

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