The unconditional love between this dog and this cat has moved millions of Internet users

Meadow and Twig come to contradict the famous expression: get along like dog and cat. Their affection for each other is so strong that it touched the hearts of millions of TikTok users some time ago. Focus on this extraordinary love.

It is in the United States, and more precisely in the city of Buffalo, that Meadow and Twig live. The first is a 3-year-old German shepherd / Coonhound cross, while the second is a gray feline with the air of Russian Blue. Newsweek returns to the exceptional bond that unites the 2 furballs.

LeeAnn Babirad is the proud owner, and she witnesses every day the marks of affection that her animals have for each other. The woman lives with another pup named Ivy, but it was the merger between Meadow and Twig that made her known on social media.

The way Twig snuggles against Meadow’s bushy body proves how much love he feels for him.

“If only we could love each other like they do,” said their mistress. Some commentators even wondered if they were a couple in a past life!

Fortunately, the adventures of our 2 soul mates do not end there. They continue to share, every day, moments of play and tenderness, and live the life they have always dreamed of!

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