Laurent Delahousse and Alice Taglioni present the new member of their family, a Bernese Mountain Dog

Sunny was treated to a pleasant vacation by the sea and a beautiful photo immortalizing this moment on Instagram. Sunny is none other than the dog of the famous couple made up of Alice Taglioni and Laurent Delahousse, who had been bereaved by the disappearance of their senior Golden Retriever last year.

The family of Alice Taglioni and Laurent Delahousse grew a few months ago. The couple has, in fact, adopted an adorable dog. This is a Bernese Mountain Dog with a sunny name: Sunny. Recently, the couple spent their holidays on the Atlantic coast, in Cap Ferret in this case. His dog was, of course, on the trip and had a blast.

This is what we can realize by discovering the photo of Sunny shared by the 53-year-old journalist on his Instagram account, and relayed in particular by Current Woman. The photo in question shows the face of the magnificent Bernese Mountain Dog in close-up, while he was lying on the sand and seemed happy to take advantage of this breath of fresh, iodized air.

If Laurent Delahousse has not associated a caption with this pretty photo, many fans among the tens of thousands of subscribers who follow him have posted comments complimenting him on the beauty of his 4-legged friend.

The native of Croix (59) and his partner must have certainly appreciated all these messages, they who had to say goodbye to their other dog Motus, who died last year. It was Alice Taglioni who announced this sad news in February 2021 on Instagram.

Motus, Golden Retriever, passed away at the age of 15. “It’s just a goodbye my Motus. I love you,” wrote the 46-year-old actress to share her grief and pay tribute to the deceased senior canine.

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