Man Shares A Picture Of Starving Homeless Man—Gets A Response That Blows Him Away

Humanity as a whole has progressed to the point that most of us simply ignore a homeless person when we pass them on the street.

The number of people going without food, shelter, and medical care is in the thousands and rising every day.


The sight of a homeless person begging in the street is so commonplace in the United States that many of us choose to ignore them.

Someone walking down the street was so appalled by the sight of a homeless man that he felt forced to photograph him.

He published it on the web, but he was unprepared for the reception it would receive.

Something about the homeless man begging for money at an Indianapolis flea market piqued his interest.

He wrote online: “I had to give this poor guy some money. I NEVER give panhandlers money… this guy’s stomach was hitting his back and ribs popping out.”

A sight he couldn’t ignore

It is recommended that donations be sent to homeless shelters rather than individuals, but the generous bystander could not help himself.

He took a picture of the man and posted it online so that others might be moved to visit the spot where he was sitting and leave a donation.

Many people were moved to share the photo because they were worried about the homeless man in it.

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