A dog waited desperately for his masters who had abandoned him next to a fire hydrant

This poor pooch proves how loyal canines are. The unfortunate was cowardly abandoned by his masters near a fire hydrant and did not move, hoping for their return. Fortunately, a woman came to his rescue and found him a wonderful family with whom he now fully enjoys life.

Suzette Hall is a woman particularly invested in animal rescue. Through her association Logan’s Legacy she participates in the well-being of canines in the State of California in the United States. This summer, the Good Samaritan was contacted by a local resident who watched helplessly a curly-haired white dog.

The unfortunate had been waiting desperately for 3 days for the return of his masters who had abandoned him. He did not move from where he had last seen his owners, but did not allow himself to be approached. Suzette therefore moved to help him. She was heartbroken when she saw the poor frightened and disoriented beast.

The benefactress gave him a drink and then installed him in a cage-trap lined with a delicacy that a hungry dog ​​cannot resist: a hot dog. Fortunately, the doggie was quickly tempted. Suzette was therefore able to take him to the veterinary clinic.

The ultimately very gentle and friendly canine was named Thunder. He received a meal, balanced this time, as well as a thousand hugs.

In parallel, his tangled fur was groomed, he was dewormed and obtained his certificate of good health.

“My heart sank when I saw him. He was running across the street. There were so many cars driving down that street. Today he is much better,” Suzette told the Mirror.

Thunder looked good now and he was beginning to trust humans again. He was therefore offered for adoption and luckily, a couple from the other side of the country fell under his spell.

Thunder has therefore integrated his home where he now enjoys a life full of adventures. In particular, he regularly goes boating and frequently goes on vacation.

“His adopters instantly fell for him. The day of his arrival was the most beautiful of his new parents. He was happy too,” added Suzette to the angels of this happy end.

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