2 inseparable wild kittens socialize in a foster family: “a radical change in a few weeks”

These 2 furballs were found in the middle of a colony of stray cats. According to the rescuers, the babies still had a chance to be socialized in order to enjoy a sweet life as indoor tomcats. The road was long, but fortunately, they let themselves be convinced by the benevolence of their host family.

Mason (the redhead) and Misty (the gray) were spotted by residents in a colony of feral cats in Burlington, North Carolina in the United States.

The babies were only 4 weeks old and weighed only 400 and 500 grams respectively.

Mason and Misty were therefore just weaned and needed help.

The local animal rescue organization Sparkle Cat Rescue therefore picked them up, not without difficulty despite their young age, and entrusted them to Angelina, a knowledgeable foster family.

Clearly, the duo had never known the life of an indoor cat and were terrified of humans.

Angelina therefore gave them time by placing them in a quiet place in her house. The young woman immediately noticed that a very strong bond united the 2 felines. They always snuggled up to each other for reassurance.

Mason was the most puny, but blindly trusted his sister who showed him the way to go.

At the same time, healthy food at will allowed them to get back on their feet.

“Misty is the bravest and goes much faster to someone she doesn’t know. Mason backs off a bit and looks to Misty for example,” Angelina confirmed.

Slowly, but surely, the ginger kitten overcame her anxiety thanks to her sister. So much so that the siblings gradually adopted their surrogate mother.

Now, the 2 once wild babies are real glue pots. They roam all over the house looking for nonsense to do or cuddles. They have also socialized perfectly with their older congeners. They are therefore ready to leave for new adventures.

Angelina, who has become strongly attached to her little proteges, deeply wishes that they find a home to have the chance to live together forever.

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