This abandoned cat found refuge just in time to give birth to her young in good conditions

This poor kitty named Smokey was abandoned by her previous owners when they moved. Fortunately, a neighbor took over, but the latter noticed that the cat’s belly was growing very quickly.

Smokey was left behind. Her masters indeed abandoned her when they left their home for another. The unfortunate cat therefore found herself alone in the street.

“She was seen in Brisbane (USA), a new victim of the rental crisis, the cat being removed from the family during her move,” a spokesperson for the association Best Friends Felines told Love Meow.

Fortunately, her neighbor took her under her wing. She gave her a special place in her home, fed her and brought her all her comfort. Nevertheless, the Good Samaritan very quickly noticed that Smokey was pregnant. Her belly was getting rounder and rounder and her breasts were getting bigger, signs that are unmistakable.

Aware that she could not support herself and her offspring, the lady contacted the local cat welfare organization to take care of her.

Smokey has moved into the warm home of a foster family. The future mother immediately felt at ease in this cozy environment. She therefore made her mark and appropriated a comfortable basket to give birth to her offspring under the best auspices.

“During her first visit to the vet, he determined that she had had several litters before, but this will be her last. She is super affectionate. Her fur is soft like cotton candy,” explained his benefactress Kelly.

A few days later, Smokey gave birth to 4 adorable, healthy kittens.

“We have 4 babies: 2 girls and 2 boys. Smokey is doing great and a very loving mother,” Kelly clarified.

The young mother takes care of her offspring 24 hours a day. She can count on Kelly’s support.

She brings him breakfast in bed while ensuring the proper development of her little ones, who are growing by leaps and bounds. Smokey is in return extremely grateful not to be outside. When her kittens are weaned, she will be neutered. The feline family will then be offered for adoption and will begin a new chapter in its life.

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