A frightened and lost kitten in front of a school calms down in the arms of a little girl who sings him a song

This woman and her daughter did not expect such a discovery when they left school. A poor kitten ran through traffic risking her life. Fortunately, he was rescued in time and then entrusted to an association.

Addie is a 6 year old girl who loves animals. At home, she lives with 2 charming doggies. If Addie had also wanted to adopt a kitten, her canids had not given her the opportunity, because they do not appreciate the company of felines.

“She started her first day of school with a sweater, a backpack and a cat water bottle,” Jen Mack, founder of Kitkat Playroom shelter, told Love Meow.

2 weeks after the start of the school year, Addie and her mother came face to face with a kitten lost in front of the school establishment.

The poor beast was running frantically through traffic in search of help. “She didn’t want him to get run over by the bus, so she rushed to save him,” Jen explained.

The young cat was terrified. Addie and her mother put him in their car and contacted the local animal welfare organization.

Meanwhile, Addie who had taken the baby in her arms began to sing him a nursery rhyme.

The kitten, whom she affectionately named Bubblegum, instantly relaxed.

“He stayed close to her and didn’t try to run away. That’s when he realized he had to be safe,” added Jen.

The lifeguard duo then drove the unfortunate man to the Kitkat Playroom shelter. Throughout the ride, Bubblegum purred very loudly.

Addie said goodbye to her little protege with great emotion. She was proud to have helped him and reassured him that he was finally safe.

Bubblegum was examined by a veterinarian. He was emaciated and suffered from a respiratory infection.

The young tomcat therefore joined a foster family where he recovered quickly thanks to a diet adapted to kittens and medical treatment.

“In one week, he gained almost 500 grams,” Jen said.

Today, Bubblegum is 2 and a half months old and is therefore ready to leave for new adventures in a loving home.

Addie will never forget this meeting, and the little feline will be eternally grateful to her.

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