This 3-Legged Cat Who Suffered From Bombings In Ukraine Is Now Enjoying His Best Life In England

Rocket was abandoned by its former owners in the combat zone in Ukraine. Fortunately, Wendy Lloyd, then on a humanitarian mission, rescued him and brought him home to England. The brave tomcat has adapted very well to his new life and is the delight of his mistress.

An incredible story that does not leave you indifferent!

Wendy Lloyd, a young woman from Birmingham, England, could not remain unmoved by the situation in Ukraine since the start of the war against Russia. She therefore wished to carry out a humanitarian mission aimed at supporting the British who are helping refugees to cross the border into Poland. Nevertheless, she ended up rescuing the helpless animals present on the spot.

“I fell into the animal side of things to be honest. Russian soldiers were handing out food to civilians – as part of their propaganda purpose – but the poor beasts weren’t getting anything,” she told the Daily Star.

This is how she began to provide food to cats and dogs reluctantly abandoned by their owners when they fled the country.

That’s when Wendy discovered a cat with an injured paw she named Rocket. The unfortunate was prowling near the town of Irpin following the hasty departure of his masters.

He had been hit by a vehicle, and had therefore had to have his left rear limb amputated.

“He was in terrible shape the first time I met him, and his personality struck me right away,” Wendy explained.

If the young woman had not planned to bring an animal home, things were different. She has indeed traveled the 1,600 kilometers between Ukraine and England with her new 3-legged companion.

Since then, Rocket and Wendy have been enjoying it together. The tomcat has completely adapted to his new daily life far from bombs and misery.

He even became the mascot of a pub that Wendy frequents. He lies down on the bar and enjoys the affection of equally charmed customers.

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