A young dog impales himself on a stick during a game and must undergo surgery urgently

Yoshi will probably be wary of sticks from now on. During a walk with congeners, the unfortunate was seriously injured, so that his life was in danger. Fortunately, his mistress quickly realized that there was a problem and took him to the vet in time.

Anna Nesterova lives in a village south of Dublin in Ireland with her faithful 4-legged friend, Yoshi. The 7-month-old Irish Red Setter is full of life and particularly likes walks with his mistress. Recently, the duo went to meet a group of dog owners so that they could play together. Yoshi was having a good time until something bad happened.

Indeed, the young canine who was having fun with a stick suddenly started moaning and crying in pain.

“He ran with it in his mouth and was chased by the other doggies who might have wanted to steal it. I don’t know what happened, if Yoshi fell on the piece of wood or if a dog knocked him over,” Anna told the Mirror.

If the young woman initially thought it was a slight leg injury, she quickly realized that it was much more serious.

“It was when I tried to give him a drink and feed him later that I realized there was a problem, as he couldn’t swallow, so I took him straight to the veterinarian,” said Laura, who indeed had the right reflex. The X-ray showed that Yoshi was seriously injured.

“An oral examination revealed that the stick had impaled Yoshi’s soft palate and X-rays also diagnosed a tear in his esophagus,” surgeon Claire Meaney said.

After a 90-minute operation during which his lesions were stitched up using long instruments, the doggie was out of the woods.

With antibiotic and painkiller treatment and all the love from his mistress, Yoshi made a full recovery.

He is once again enjoying the ballads he loves so much, but Anna now remains vigilant about his toys.


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