A woman who had just lost an eye owes her salvation to her blind rescue dog who proves to her that blindness is surmountable

Scout’s mistress, the 12-year-old Lurcher, was devastated when an illness deprived her of her right eye. However, her self-confidence has returned thanks to her faithful blind 4-legged friend. His joie de vivre and his ability to adapt have indeed allowed him to regain a taste for life.

Scout narrowly escaped euthanasia in a shelter. No one wanted to adopt this blind dog who had so much to offer. But her path eventually crossed that of Donna Ison, a 56-year-old woman who had recently lost her eye.

“When Donna had her prosthetic eye fitted, she lost her confidence and was nervous about wearing an eye patch,” her sister Tracey told the Mirror. The duo quickly created an unfailing bond. And the affectionate pooch showed his new mistress that blindness was far from insurmountable.

“Scout gave her a taste for life and showed her that being different doesn’t mean living is wrong,” added Tracey. Donna also educated Scout. She taught him the basic orders in order to guarantee his safety outside and to facilitate his existence in the house.

Scout’s dedication has been recognized by the Best Pet of the Year competition at the Petplan Pet Awards held annually. The latter aims to celebrate the unconditional love between pets and their owners.

The prize therefore recognizes the animals “who enrich the lives of their masters and shape the world in which we live”. The elderly doggie has indeed shown unfailing tenacity and surprises with his ability to adapt to any situation.

“If we take him to an unfamiliar room, he can instantly figure out its dimensions, jump on the couch and walk up and down the stairs. It’s remarkable,” said Donna extremely grateful to her beloved dog, whom she describes as the bravest and most loving in the world.

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