An elderly cat takes a liking to a statue representing a congener and snuggles up against it for long naps

Baby was a cat who loved above all to sleep for long hours in her cozy home. But since her masters adorned their garden with a small statue in the shape of a tomcat, she spends her days outside to be by his side.

Ange Simmons is the proud owner of Baby, a long haired alley cat who was born without a tail.

Despite this malformation, Baby, now of the golden age, had completely normal feline behavior. She spent her days eating, playing, enjoying her mistress’s affection and sleeping for hours on the couch.

About 4 months ago, Ange Simmons installed a pretty stone statue near a tree in his garden. The latter represents a tomcat sleeping peacefully in a ball.

The young woman thought that her beloved cat would not care and would go on her way to discover her.

But it was otherwise. From the beginning, Baby saw in her a real feline. After making sure he wasn’t threatening, she approached. This new arrival on her property was a great originality for her.

And Baby finally became very attached to her stone friend.

“She sleeps close to him every day. Her current absolute favorite nap spot is by his side in the grass, and nothing has ever been sweeter,” Ange Simmons told DailyCats.
The elderly cat therefore swapped her cozy sofa for the outdoor lawn to enjoy the company of her new companion.

Baby snuggles affectionately against the statue and stays close all day. A behavior of the most surprising, but terribly endearing.

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