A skeletal cat rescued by an association surprises its benefactors by giving birth to 6 babies

This wandering young kitten was in desperate need of help. Recently abandoned, she could not survive on the streets alone. Fortunately, she was able to count on the support of a loving foster family who were surprised to discover that she was pregnant.

Alina Lazaryeva, from the Kuwait Animal Aid association, heard about a stray cat in difficulty from local residents. Obviously, the young lady had been recently abandoned and was not able to support herself alone. She had needed a cozy place to get back on her feet before finding loving masters.

Alina went to pick her up and took her to a caring foster home, at Kristina’s.

Calico, in reference to his coat color, was extremely thin. She weighed only 2.5 kilograms and was therefore skin and bones.

Calico has adapted very well to her new residence. She spent her days sleeping long hours and eating hungrily, so she quickly recovered.

In a few weeks, she gained 1.3 kilograms and her belly grew visibly.

“It was the first time I thought of checking for signs of pregnancy. Turns out Calico didn’t come to the rescue alone,” Kristina told Love Meow.

On September 23, 2022, Calico gave birth to 6 adorable, healthy kittens. The young mother took her role very seriously and rarely left her basket.

“I watched her sometimes for hours, and it made me realize how really good and caring she really is,” added her benefactress. Calico and her babies have thus flourished in a healthy and comfortable space with unlimited food.

Today, the kittens are a little over a month old and have opened their eyes wide. They slowly begin their weaning by feasting on feline food. Likewise, they begin to explore their environment. Calico, meanwhile, will soon be sterilized. When the whole little family is ready for new adventures, its members will be offered for adoption.

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