A husky puts an end to his life of abuse by becoming the ten millionth animal adopted by his association

Balto is a magnificent Siberian husky with a heavy past. He was then taken in by an association and knew how to capsize the hearts of an entire family during an open day. He thus became the shelter’s 10 millionth adopted pet.

The De La Rosa family visited a pet store in Texas in the United States in early May 2022 with the goal of purchasing an accessory for their aquarium. At the same time, the Pet Smart Charities association organized an adoption event in front of the shop that weekend aimed at generating a click among visitors.

Vanessa, her husband Ezri and their 3 children naturally headed for the marquee which housed the animals awaiting adoption. They were immediately attracted by a beautiful Husky with blue eyes. “The more my son interacted with the dog, the more I saw the bond forming between them,” Vanessa told People.

When one of the shelter members shared the dog’s story with the family, their decision was quickly made. They decided to call it Balto, in reference to their son’s favorite cartoon. Indeed, before having the right to a second chance, Balto lived chained outside, without shelter or human interaction. “We had to take it. He needed to be somewhere where he wouldn’t be afraid of being chained up, where he could run around and enjoy life,” his adopters said.

They did the paperwork and went home (without the aquarium accessory), but with their new dog Balto.

When the young dog arrived at Caroline, he was suffering from leg injuries. She explains to the Mirror: “His paws had no shape or color because he had never really walked. Additionally, he had no muscle mass in his rear limbs and very poor spatial awareness.”

With patience and kindness, Charlie Brown regained his balance, built up his muscles and relearned to trust humans. “Charlie Brown is enjoying his life now. He is a sweet, tender and friendly dog who loves cuddles and long walks in the forest,” said Caroline. She adds, however, “The fact that he is still scared when we take out a broom suggests that he was not treated very kindly in his past life.”

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