A family fleeing Ukraine carries their elderly dog over 17 kilometers on their backs so as not to abandon her in the country

During the Russian invasion in Ukraine, many families fled to Poland with their pets. The grueling journey is sometimes too much for older and/or weakened dogs to bear. A woman moves the web by posting a photo of her husband carrying their exhausted dog.

Alisa, her husband Dmytro and their 2 daughters lived in kyiv with their 2 dogs. When the war broke out, the whole family fled the city under the bombardments in a small car. 17 km from the Polish border, traffic was blocked, it was impossible for them to go further unless they went there on foot.

So the family took the minimum of things and started walking. Their nearly 13-year-old German Shepherd dog, Pulya, was struggling to keep up. “My dog is 12 and a half years old. She was struggling to walk, falling every mile or so and couldn’t get up,” Alisa confirmed to Newarminfo.com.

The troop in exile does not imagine for a moment leaving behind their faithful 4-legged companion. “I stopped cars and asked for help, but everyone refused. They advised us to leave the dogs. But they are part of our family. My dog has had all the happy and sad times with us,” Alisa shared.

Dmytro then hoisted Pulya onto his back and walked the remaining 17 km before reaching the Polish border.

The whole family arrived safe and sound at the border. Dmytro had to stay in the country to take up arms. Women, children and canines are currently in a safe place in Warsaw in a refugee camp. Pulya saw a vet and she recovered well.

“Today she is alive and well. She is a symbol of love, devotion and determination. It represents our home, the lives we have had and the lives we have left behind. Pulya is our only constant in all this madness,” said Alisa with emotion. From now on, the woman hopes for only one thing: to find her husband so that the whole family is finally reunited.

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