Check out 20-year-old Kieran Rhodes’s incredible America’s Got Talent audition and find out why the judges proclaimed him a star.

The judges on America’s Got Talent couldn’t contain themselves after 20-year-old self-taught pianist Kieran Rhodes blew them away during his audition. The future Berklee College of Music student showed off his pianistic skills and incredibly touching voice by singing an original composition called “Disengage” during his audition. Despite his youth, Rhodes has proven himself to be an exceptionally accomplished songwriter; the heartfelt words of “Disengage” examine relationships and mental health.

Plus, he had a remarkable talent for singing lyrics in a way that resonated deeply with the audience, earning him a standing ovation for all his hard work. The upstate New Yorker’s performance was viewed 7.8 million times on YouTube, making it one of the most popular performances on America’s Got Talent in recent years. “I think we’ve just witnessed something very special right now,” Terry Crews told the home crowd, and his words were enough to convey the meaning. “I loved it,” Sofia Vergara said as the first judge to react.

For hours I could listen to your music. How pleased I was. “You have it all: enormous talent.” “It was incredible, it was spectacular,” Howie Mandel exclaimed, showering Rhodes with praise. A wave of emotion invades me. Your nerves were showing, but I still think you’re amazing. It was clear from Rhodes’ comments to the judges and audience that he was deeply grateful for their support, further demonstrating his humility as a young man.

This live performance of Rhodes’ “Your Song” at the Berklee Performance Center, in which he leads a band and strings section, is another one of his popular YouTube performances.

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