A shocking statement from a girl on TikTok: Why did she say “no” to shaving and showering?

While hair removal remains popular, more and more women are choosing to ditch the razor and embrace their natural bodies.

One of these women is TikTok user Hairy Cherry, who has built a significant social media following (over 10,000 followers) with her confident demeanor and body hair. Your message? It’s about self-acceptance.

Cherry’s confidence goes beyond body hair. She also stimulates discussions about daily routines, particularly questioning the need for frequent showers. In a recently released video, she lip-syncs an audio clip with the lyrics “Absolute waste of time, so boring!”. The accompanying caption playfully questions the necessity of showering every day and suggests: “Who has time for a ‘full shower’ every day?” By embracing her decision to shower less frequently, she encourages her followers to conserve water and celebrate their natural selves.

Cherry expects questions about her decision not to shave. She opened up about it in another video, explaining: “I’m a hairy girl. Of course people will ask if I take a shower.” She added: “I’m a hairy girl. Of course everyone assumes I smell bad.”

While some viewers applaud Cherry’s confidence and body positivity, not everyone agrees.

Comments range from supportive messages like “Body hair is normal for girls and boys, why is it such a big deal?” and “I wish I had the confidence to do that” to criticisms such as “gross” or “unkempt”. Despite these conflicting opinions, Cherry remains focused on what really matters – feeling comfortable in her own skin, whether shaved or not.

Cherry isn’t the only one challenging beauty norms. Last year, two more women made waves by advocating that “you don’t have to be hairless to wear a bikini.” It is a movement towards embracing natural beauty and promoting self-acceptance.

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