This pizza delivery guy was caught on camera doing a sickening thing

The pizza is one of the plats plus consommés in the world. This is a rapid response and it is applied to everything. shutterstock The pizza is one of the plats plus consommés in the world. This is a rapid response and it is applied to everything. Aujourd’hui, on n’a d’ailleurs même plus besoin de se déplacer de chez soi pour aller en manger une. In effect, the names of pizzerias are on the same place as the living system. There are also chains of pizzerias that tell you Domino’s Pizza or two in the heart of Art. In our days, the living systems are very effective. On the other hand, the effect of our command is rapid and the dernière remains hot.

The applications like Uber Eat and Deliveroo are also very useful. Every day, a family has access to the services for a fair copy of a pizza. Ce soir-là, ils ont alors fait a terrible discovere au sujet de leur livreur. En effet, the livreur a fait une chose écœurante avant de livrer la commande. The caméras de vidéosurveillance ont pu filmer son comportement des plus sales. The family has the effect of installing a camera directly from your home. In regard to the images, you can now see the book and train the box of pizza and pizza in the garniture for the manager. Ce dernier a ensuite tassé la pizza comme si de rien n’était. Puis, il a livré la boîte chez les people qui l’avaient commandée. The livreurs pris en flagrant délit This is not the first time that the genre of delivery is produced in a pizza book. In effect, a Domino’s Pizza employé is available at a very high price.

The film is available as a train to manage the pizza garniture, which is then displayed in the camera to show the person who has passed the command. Heureusement, the gardien de l’immeuble a réussi à voir les images de la vidéo surveillance à temps et ainsi informé les habitants. Furieuse, the client also contacts the direction of Domino’s Pizza for its plainness. The livreur is also ensuite and is renvoyé. Jeff Kacmarek, vice-president of marketing at Domino’s Pizza, explained to Global News: “Quand nous avons regardé la vidéo, nous étions tout d’abord embarrassés et frustrés”. Il a ensuite poursuivi: « Nous presentons nos profondes excuses à notre client, et à tous nos clients pour ce malheureux incident ». On the other hand, these people can see the images before they manage the pizza that they command.

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