11-year-old girl starts playing banjo, everyone falls in love with her…

Willow Osborne was born and raised in Tennessee. Since her childhood, she has had a special love for music, especially the banjo. When she was just 3 years old, she attended a live banjo concert and immediately fell in love with the instrument. Since then her passion has only grown and you can see her great talent from the moment she starts playing. But her talent goes even further, this young woman not only plays this instrument perfectly, but she also loves to sing and if you are ever in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, her hometown, she performs very often at local halls in the area.

From the beginning, her mother supported her passion for music and encouraged her to work hard. Willow is one of those kids with a lot of potential, but she also knows that it takes hard work and hours of practice to make her dreams come true. Ella Willow takes advantage of every moment to showcase her musical talent and loves how the audience reacts to her mesmerizing performance. You can see her playing the banjo in the video we show you below.

Try not to watch their fingers pluck the strings of the instrument. I tried, but they were moving so fast that my eyes just couldn’t keep up with them. Willow is currently interested in bluegrass music but would like to expand her horizons and explore other genres. Willow is without a doubt one of the most talented musicians of her time and I am confident that she will achieve her goals.

Willow has a great journey ahead of her!

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