The cute dog shares his favorite fluffy yellow toy with his newborn brother every time he cries

Brutus is an adorable two-year-old Bullmastiff who lives with his human parents in Northern California. Like any other dog, Brutus ate, tore, destroyed many different toys in his life, except one – a fluffy yellow ball. This is his favorite toy and he is not ready to part with it, so he treats it as carefully as possible. “We had Brutus as a child and he became our first child,” says Bonnie Michalek, the dog’s owner. Shortly after Brutus showed up, Bonnie became pregnant.

The dog’s behavior has changed significantly. “Apparently he realized what was happening to me even before my stomach grew a lot. My husband was working the night shift and Brutus was no longer sleeping in his drawer. Every night he would come and try to climb onto my bed. If I chased him away, he would have to sleep on the floor next to me. Then I got mad at him for this behavior. But now I understood – he became the captain of the house and guarded me.” When the child Kaidan was born, the Mikhalek family had no doubts that Brutus should be introduced to the child immediately or later. As soon as mother and child came out of the hospital, Brutus met them.

From day one, Brutus understood the responsibility that rested on his shoulders. He tried not to leave Kaidan, always keeping him in sight. The boy’s parents were amazed that Brutus had immediately figured out how to calm him down when Kaidan began to cry. Without hesitation, he went into another room and brought the child his greatest treasure – a fluffy yellow ball. “My husband and I were incredibly moved when we saw what Brutus did for Kaiden. Our son seems to have the best older brother in the world, says Bonnie.

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