Woman tries to take her seat on the plane – but she refuses, and what happens next divides the internet.

Flying is not a pleasant experience for everyone. Some people make sure to take steps to ensure their comfort before starting their trip. But not everyone has the same consideration. This woman knew what she needed while traveling and acted accordingly. However, there were others who didn’t see it the same way… A woman found herself in a very awkward position, both literally and figuratively. She was faced with the decision to put her own comfort over societal expectations. She had a choice: either she could be generous or stand up for her personal space. She was on her way across the country to spend Christmas with her family. She knew that if she was going to fly, she had to be comfortable. Because of her size, she always booked an extra seat on a flight. She made sure to pay extra to ensure her comfort. Everything went smoothly during check-in and she passed through security and boarding without any problems. It wasn’t until she was sitting in her seat that the unpleasant experience began. A woman with her 18-month-old child sat next to her.

She saw that one seat was empty and immediately asked the woman to squeeze into one seat so her toddler could take the other. However, since the original owner had paid for both seats, she declined. The interaction drew attention, and a flight attendant noticed and came over to see what was going on. When the situation was explained to the flight attendant, she asked the woman if she could make room for the child, but she politely declined, reiterating that she had paid for both seats in full. Fortunately, the flight attendant understood the situation and instructed the mother to hold her child on her lap, as is common with most children of this age. But during the trip, the mother made the woman feel uncomfortable with dirty looks and passive-aggressive comments. The woman later wondered if she had been unfair in that interaction and should give in and give up her extra seat.

She took to Reddit to ask the community if she was in the wrong. One person, a mother who had been in a similar situation, wrote: “I have flown for nine hours with an infant in my arms and have done shorter flights with a toddler on my lap who was able to sit in his own seat and didn’t want to hold it on my lap. Was it uncomfortable? Yes. But it was entirely my problem as long as my child was under 24 months and I didn’t have to pay for his seat. I swear, not all parents are that demanding!” Another person added: “She is in the wrong for not buying a seat for her son and assuming someone else would give up a seat he paid for.

She was probably hoping there would be extra seats on the flight so she wouldn’t have to pay and used the lap exemption as a loophole.” “I would go so far as to file a complaint with the airline about their employee assisting another passenger harassing you,” another outraged Redditor wrote. Another angry user said: “You should always do what you can to be as healthy as possible, but being fat is not a character flaw or a moral failing. We all have our own challenges in life, and you don’t deserve to be ashamed of your body and yourself, even if you aren’t currently achieving your goals. If the mother wants an extra seat for her children, she should buy one. She has no right to a place you bought and you don’t have to feel guilty for her bad behavior.” Some people may also have been able to see the mother’s side and understand that she also wanted to have a pleasant flight. However, if that had been important to her, she would have had to make sure that she had a place for her child.

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