Belugas are so happy to have been saved from exhibition animals.”

t took tons of hard work, kindness, and above all, dedication, to save a pair of belugas. After nearly a decade of captivity, Little Grey and Little White finally had the chance for a free life. The moment when these two adorable creatures realize they are about to taste freedom is beautiful to witness, and the smiles on their faces speak volumes.”

“Both belugas were forced to perform in animal shows for over nine years. Unfortunately, they had a tough life as they were very young when, in 2011, they were brought to Ocean World in Shanghai, China, from a research center in Russia, and since then, they lived in captivity.”

Now, after so many years, these two lovely creatures finally have the chance to taste freedom. A dream has come true thanks to the tireless efforts of the Sea Life Trust – an animal protection organization based in the UK. However, the two belugas will not be released into the ocean anytime soon. First, they will embark on a 6,000-mile journey to Iceland, the world’s first beluga sanctuary.”

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