A true diva: Catherine Deneuve, 79 years old, attended a fashion show in Paris.

Catherine Deneuve is indeed nicknamed “the last megastar of France.” This refined French woman left a lasting impression from her very first appearance on screen with her dazzling beauty.

It’s surprising to note that one of the most beautiful women in the world once considered her beauty a burden, overwhelmed by excessive attention. “I was born into a family where all the women were beautiful, but I didn’t attach much importance to it,” Catherine Deneuve said. “I’m not obsessed with my appearance, but in cinema, the visual aspect is essential to look good.”

Deneuve can still be considered a true beauty icon. Recently, at Paris Fashion Week, the 79-year-old actress displayed an incredibly stylish and youthful look.

Indeed, Deneuve remains a genuine beauty icon. Her recent appearance at Paris Fashion Week, at the age of 79, showcased an incredibly stylish and youthful look.

When it comes to the aging process (a word that Catherine doesn’t particularly like), she takes a philosophical approach. She believes one shouldn’t fear age but rather fear becoming boring, constantly angry, and bitter towards the world. According to her, these emotions reflect on one’s face. The film star indulges in life’s pleasures, avoids conflicts, refrains from gossip, and fiercely guards her privacy.

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