The teeth are decaying! Johnny Depp’s smile has frightened and worried his fans

The Cannes Film Festival was a triumph for Johnny Depp this year. The actor once again returned to the forefront of the film scene with his role in “Jeanne Dubari.” During the festival, he received warm applause from critics and colleagues. Fans were delighted to see Depp again. However, they expressed concern about one detail.

Admirers don’t take lightly the question of whether their idol has serious health issues, and that’s because of the deplorable state of his teeth. It appears that his teeth are deteriorating, and it’s challenging to conceal it because the color of his teeth is far from natural.

Naturally, many believe that Depp’s bad habits are to blame. As we know, the actor is a heavy smoker and has not paid enough attention to dental hygiene. Over time, the condition of his teeth has deteriorated considerably. It’s not suitable for the faint-hearted. The actor could greatly benefit from consulting a good dentist to regain his Hollywood smile.

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