“No arrows or curls: Rare images of Monroe without makeup have circulated the web.”

Dethroning Marilyn Monroe from her pedestal of veneration and imitation is challenging. This legendary blonde has firmly established herself as a symbol of beauty and femininity. Marilyn’s splendor has been preserved over the centuries in archived photos. However, yesterday, some of these shots leaked online, causing a real upheaval.”

Internet users were able to discover the appearance of the famous diva without makeup, in a natural expression.”

Without artifice, she appears ordinary, like anyone else,” “A simple young woman,” “You can’t qualify her as beautiful if you don’t know her identity,” “There are many attractive people, but Marilyn is unique, unattainable, and unforgettable,” “She was an adorable girl, whether she was wearing makeup or not,” “There was something touching about her, like a child you want to hug” – commented internet users about the images.

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