The paparazzi showed De Niro, who is 80 years old, walking with the young mother of his child.

Robert De Niro, at the venerable age of 80, has proven by his example that dreams have no expiration date. The actor became a father for the seventh time at the age of 79, which is simply incredible! Robert must have remembered what it was like to be the father of a little one. Recently, paparazzi captured De Niro and his young wife strolling with their daughter.

It looks like a grandfather with his grandchildren,” “He has presence, but time leaves its mark,” “It’s time for him to enjoy his grandchildren, but he seems so young,” “No matter how young he appears, the years have left their mark,” “Well, what can I say? It’s a sad image. Another deceived grandfather.”

These phrases appear to be comments or opinions regarding Robert De Niro’s appearance and situation as mentioned in the source you provided.

And these men believe that someone needs them,” “It’s sad to see them like this,” “Do these men believe in the sincerity of these young women?” “The essential thing is that they are happy,” “He is really very old,” “And I’m happy for him,” are some of the comments under the publication of this couple. I’m curious to know your opinion. Would you be willing to take such a significant step at such an advanced age?

These comments seem to reflect various opinions on the situation of older men in relationships with younger women. Whether someone would be willing to take such a step at an advanced age depends on individual circumstances and personal preferences.

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