Bellucci, 58 years old, showcased herself in a wet transparent dress.”

Bellucci, aged 58, revealed a bit more in a transparent and wet dress, without the slightest hint of a bra. The legendary and incomparable actress Monica Bellucci reminded us of her with enticing photos. She was captured on a film set in a soaking wet, translucent white dress that highlighted the star’s curves. Internet users held their breath looking at the images, contemplating Monica in all her splendor.”

It’s hard to believe that this movie star is about to celebrate her 60th birthday. “She’s a goddess, not a woman,” “Monica is beyond compare,” “She’ll give any 80-year-old a run for their money.”

“Vincent changes younger partners like one changes gloves, but Monica is the most beautiful,” “She is magnificent,” “And God created such beauty,” “A dazzling woman,” “Charm at its peak” – can be read under the new photos of 58-year-old Monica Bellucci.”

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