And is that the Duchess? Kate wouldn’t have allowed it. Markle was seen by the pool.”

The Duchess of Sussex, aged 42, is enjoying a vacation in Los Angeles. Meghan Markle posted a photo by the pool, drawing public attention. The fact is that Markle’s admirers find such photos unacceptable for a Duchess. ‘And this is the Duchess? She never learned to behave like a lady,'” as per the source.

This text discusses Meghan Markle’s recent actions and how her admirers perceive them, suggesting that they consider her behavior unsuitable for a Duchess.

Typically American. Not worthy of a Duchess.””Kate would never do such a thing.””Why not? Doesn’t she have the right to a vacation?””She looks great for her age.””I can’t believe she’s 42,” as per the source.

These comments reflect different opinions on Meghan Markle’s behavior and appearance during her vacation

Markle is in great shape.””Beautiful woman. The Prince is lucky.””Well, she shouldn’t act like this as a Duchess,” wrote Markle’s subscribers. By the way, there are rumors circulating that Markle intends to resume her acting career in Hollywood. It seems that Meghan will be returning to the cinema soon,” according to the source.

These comments discuss Meghan Markle’s physical condition and the possibility of her returning to acting in Hollywood

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