“Vivienne is beautiful! The genes of father and mother combined well”: Angelina Jolie and her youngest daughter in New York delighted bloggers

The Hollywood actress was spotted on a family outing. Angelina Jolie appeared in public with Vivienne.

The Oscar winner brought her youngest daughter to New York. Paparazzi captured Brad Pitt’s ex-wife and her daughter during their business trip. Angelina sported an elegant look.

The star of “The Eternals” gathered her hair in a high bun and applied light makeup with eyeliner and peach-colored lip gloss. The 48-year-old artist wore a flowing black dress and threw a matching blazer over her shoulders. The mother of six completed her outfit with beige Christian Louboutin heels. Jolie wore gold earrings and a bracelet, and covered her face with large designer sunglasses. Angelina carried a miniature YSL clutch.

Vivienne had opted for a casual look. The 15-year-old high school student paired a white long-sleeve top with wide black pants and Converse sneakers. One of Jolie and Pitt’s twins has thick blonde hair and wears a bob with bangs. Family members were heading towards an SUV parked in front of the building.

Angelina might have made the trip to New York for business related to the Broadway musical. The actress has become a producer of the production “Outcasts.” It’s known that Jolie joined the project and asked Vivienne to participate as a volunteer. The high schooler will be directly involved in all stages of play preparation. Despite it being their first joint project, Angelina is completely confident in it.

“Viv reminds me of my mother [Marcheline Bertrand] in the sense that her focus isn’t on herself but on supporting other creative individuals. She’s very thoughtful and serious about theater, and she works hard to better understand how to contribute,” revealed Jolie.

The actress recently admitted to landing her Broadway role thanks to her daughter. Many had speculated that Angelina was referring to her older children, Zahara and Shiloh, with whom she had often visited theaters.

It turns out Angelina was talking about Vivienne all along. According to the star’s family insiders, the high schooler “adores musical theater,” and the actress has been taking her to performances “since she was very young.”

Earlier this year, Vivienne accompanied her mother to the world premiere of the production “Outcasts” at the La Jolla Playhouse, and both of them fell in love with the musical. Angelina and Vivienne then met Susan Hinton, who was roughly the same age as Vivienne when she wrote the novel. Following the show and the discussion with Susan, Angelina was inspired to take on the role of lead producer for the upcoming Broadway play,” a source told ET.

Internet users discussed Angelina’s rare outing with her youngest daughter. “Vivienne looks very beautiful! The Jolie and Pitt genes are working well,” “Angelina puts her children first,” “She looks great considering she’s approaching fifty,” “She’s starting to promote her daughter,” bloggers opined.

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