In Brazil, veterinarians rescue a parrot and reconstruct its broken beak

In Brazil, an associative clinic has achieved a real technical feat: reconstructing a new beak for an injured parrot.

Since its creation, the Brazilian foundation Renascer Acn strives to treat seriously injured animals. Last December, the clinic saved the life of a parrot .

The animal suffered from a huge, very painful beak fracture. Unsurprisingly, his injury prevented him from eating properly. Indeed, the bird was unable to catch its food or clean its feathers.

“This parrot was found in terrible condition and had completely lost its beak. With veterinarian Maria Ângela Panelli Marchió, we saved him as soon as we discovered him ,” said Paulo Roberto Martins, founder of the association.

In order to overcome this handicap, the clinic’s veterinarians reconstructed the parrot’s beak. To achieve this feat, the team created a plastic resin prosthesis for him in the shape of a beak.

This artificial device was handcrafted by physician Maria Ângela Panelli Marchió. The latter specializes in animal orthopaedics. His remarkable work has made it possible to treat many animals.

“It helps animals found in critical condition and gives them a chance to survive ,” said the director of the clinic to our colleagues from Bored Panda.

Thanks to its prosthesis, the parrot can eat properly, grasp objects and communicate with its congeners. However, the animal cannot be reintroduced into the wild

Indeed, the prosthesis may come off over time because birds use their beaks for everything.

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