Psychologist Says If You Like Watching Crime Documentaries, You Might Be Suffering From A Psychological Problem

If you are a fan of True Crime series or documentaries to relax in the evening, you may have a psychological problem. This is the observation of a mental health expert who has studied this subject.

True Crime series , which tell these stories inspired by real events, are the spice of podcasts and TV series these days. They are more popular than ever and their success continues unabated.

Yet viewers of such series might actually be disturbed. So says psychologist Dr. Thema Bryant who spoke with presenter Mel Robbins on her podcast The Mel Robbins Podcast.

At the microphone of the latter, the psychologist explains that it is a way for the spectators to “ reconnect ” and “ heal themselves ” after having experienced difficulties during the day.

The psychologist also adds a more alarming comment, people who enjoy this genre could have a familiar connection with what they are watching.

” If your idea of ​​relaxing before you go to sleep is to watch three episodes of Law & Order: SVU, [then] I would encourage you to think about ‘why does trauma relax me?’ “, advises the specialist.

“ Some of us grew up in high stress [situations], so people confuse peace with boredom. When you go home, you have to take refuge in the discomfort [of these programs] because it will not seem familiar to you , ”continues Dr. Thema Bryant.

A sequence that resonated with Internet users. Many confirm the words of the psychologist: “ It distracts me from the pain that I feel in my life. I don’t like it, it only redirects my anger , ”confesses a user.

” I used to watch so much chaos on TV, but after working hard on myself for the past two years, I can’t take it anymore, ” another admitted.

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