This microscopic handbag sold for $63,000

This Wednesday, during an auction, an individual paid 63,000 dollars (more than 57,000 euros) to acquire a microscopic handbag, barely visible to the naked eye.

When you’re rich and you don’t really know what to do with your money, auctions become real entertainment, and sometimes even an investment. Indeed, it is generally an opportunity to get your hands on a unique work or object that will certainly increase in value.

It was therefore not a surprise to see the smallest handbag in the world being prized at an auction this Wednesday, June 27. Designed by the MSCHF Group, this microscopic handbag measures 0.07 square centimeters and is barely visible to the naked eye.

With its fluorescent green color, which has the merit of making the object more visible, it was designed based on the design of Louis Vuitton , however without endorsement or authorization from the major luxury brand.

According to MSCHF, the handbag is small enough to fit through the eye of a needle and is smaller than a grain of salt. It was created by 3D printing technology and is accompanied by a digital tool allowing you to see it up close. In particular, we can see the famous LV acronym of Louis Vuitton.

The auction was organized by Joopiter, an auction house founded by Pharrell Williams, new artistic director of men’s collections at… Louis Vuitton.

Kevin Wiesner, artistic director at MSCHF confirmed that this creation was made without authorization from the label: “Pharrell likes big hats, so we made him a mini handbag” he joked to the New York Times.

MSCHF had already made a name for itself with its Satan shoes, a limited series of 666 pairs of Nike sneakers, which had earned it a lawsuit with the comma brand. The objective of the artistic organization is to denounce consumerism with these unusual creations.

In 2021, their Big Red Boots went viral when they appeared on the feet of a few celebrities like Doja Cat, Iggy Azalea and Janelle Monáe. It is therefore with irony that they describe this microscopic handbag : “Small handbags always need a hand to carry them, they have become dysfunctional and constraining for their wearer. The microscopic handbag is therefore a logical solution to these problems. A practical object in the form of a jewel, relieved of its putative function” .

As a result, this “Microscopic Handbag” went up for auction for the tidy sum of 63,000 dollars, or more than 57,600 euros. From now on, it is to wonder if it is worth the cost!

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