Here is the Sky Cruise, a flying hotel that will accommodate 5,000 passengers without ever landing on Earth

A flying hotel that never lands, anyone? This is the ingenious and completely bombastic idea of ​​the Sky company. A gigantic plane with 5000 passengers on board.

The company specializing in cruises, Sky (which notably owns the Sky Princess liners), has unveiled its ambitious idea to travel through the sky. It is a huge plane the size of a building piloted by an artificial intelligence. This plane like no other would be equipped with “ 20 engines powered by nuclear fusion ”, explains a promotional video on Youtube. Its goal ? Never land on Earth.

Thus, in order to occupy the potential 5000 lucky and wealthy passengers of the Sky Cruise, many activities would be made available: a restaurant, a shopping center, a gym, cinemas, theaters and a swimming pool . The plane can even become the privileged place for the bride and groom who wish to unite in the air. In itself, a giant club med gathered in this giant machine. So what’s the point of wanting to come back down to terra firma?

The design of the Sky Cruise and its astronomical size were created by Hashem Alghaili who made a model of it for the travel company. According to the designer, this flying hotel “ could be the future of transport ”.

While the plane-hotel should be perfectly autonomous and without a pilot, it will however need a lot of staff to meet the many needs of the 5,000 passengers.

Many Internet users have expressed their skepticism with regard to this flying machine, citing the staggering price (not communicated for the moment) which will allow the richest to benefit from this means of transport, but also the dangers of Sky Cruise. The use of nuclear fusion and its gigantic size worry the most pessimistic, but realistic Internet users, if a crash were to occur.

For others, this Sky Cruise is neither more nor less than the Titanic of our era. With another destiny, we hope.

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