He finds 48,000 euros in the walls of the house he has just bought, but his joy is short-lived

In Valencia, a Spanish builder found 8 million Spanish pesetas hidden in the wall of a house he was renovating. However, the bank refused to take much of his money.

Toño Piñeiro is a Spanish builder who decided to renovate a house in Valencia, in which he planned to enjoy his retirement. This house, which he found on an ad posted on Facebook, had been abandoned for 40 years.

When the work began, Toño had a huge surprise. In one of the walls of the house, he discovered six cocoa cans filled to the brim with banknotes.

“I guess they kept those boxes to keep out the humidity ,” the builder said. The last tickets were a little damaged but the others weren’t, they had been ironed, it was incredible!”

In total, the treasure contained 8 million Spanish pesetas, or 48,000 euros. Thinking of becoming a millionaire, the man went to the Bank of Spain to deposit his loot.

Unfortunately, the latter told her that she could not take her banknotes, because the Spanish pesetas are a too old currency that no longer exists since Spain switched to the euro in 2002.

Trying to find a solution with the bank, Toño then realized that his loot contained notes with more current currencies. Thus, he managed to exchange his money and got more than 33,000 euros.

In remembrance of this memorable discovery, Toño plans to keep some of his expired banknotes and sell the other part to collectors.

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