This entrepreneur made his 74 employees millionaires by donating his shares

We present to you today a boss like no other, who shows exceptional generosity.

For the staff of Matt Molding, it’s Christmas before time!

Aged 48, this CEO of a British company, based in Manchester, has enabled 74 of his employees to become rich, thanks to donations of shares of inestimable value.

Founder of the company called “The Hut” (specializing in e-commerce), the generous boss has indeed given all the shares of his box – which he has grown for a decade – to his teams.

A huge jackpot representing the trifle of one billion pounds sterling (about 1,110,000,000 euros).

Matt Molding, a generous boss who made his employees millionaires
This miracle is explained by the exponential success of his company, which is now one of the world leaders in its sector of activity, with several subsidiaries including LookFantastic, GlossyBox, MyProtein and MyVitamins.

In addition, one of the online shopping software he has developed is a real success, to the point that some British supermarket chains, such as Asda or Tesco, use it on a daily basis under license.

Today the parent company of Matt Molding – which is a shareholder only up to 25% – would weigh several billion pounds sterling.

Such income and profits allowed the main interested party to no longer have to worry about money. He is said to be so rich that he would now donate all of his salary to charity, according to the Daily Mail .

Sacred achievement for a working-class kid from Burnley, who started from almost nothing!

A fortune and an insolent success which reached its climax when the action of his company literally soared on the stock market recently, allowing him to pocket 830 million pounds, or 920 million euros.

A jackpot that he therefore graciously offered to his employees, who were not expecting so much, thus allowing 74 of them to become… millionaires.

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