The love she feels for her dog is similar to the love she has for her baby

In a video posted on TikTok, a mother revealed that she loves her pet as much as her child. A publication that has divided internet users.

His name may not tell you anything, but Andrea Cavaleri is a tiktoker followed by 140,000 subscribers. Recently, the one who became a mother created a small controversy on the Chinese social network. The reason ?

In a video published on February 6, the young woman explains that the love she feels for her dog is similar to that which she has for her three-month-old baby .

” I never understood how anyone could just ignore their first baby, which is usually their dog, cat or rabbit – like it’s your child, it needs you,” Andrea shared on the platform.

Earlier this month, she shared her fears that her pet has been feeling lonely since the arrival of her child: ” I’ve been feeling so guilty as a dog mum lately ,” she confided.

Before adding: “ When your baby takes a nap… The dishes can wait. Housekeeping can wait. Emails can wait. Go cuddle your first baby. It’s a lot of changes for them too. They need you ”.

Andrea Cavaleri also added that before becoming a mother, she often told her friends that she could understand their maternal love, because she felt the same for her dog.

” Now I have a three month old and I’m here to tell you it’s the same thing. The love I have for my animal has not changed ”.

Unsurprisingly, his video – which garnered a million views – divided Internet users. While most people agree with the young woman, some argue that the bond between mother and child runs deeper, as this comment demonstrates.

“ I never stopped loving or caring for my pets when I had children. However, my pets are not equivalent to my children. My children are my number one priority .

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