Every day he runs carrying his handicapped dog to allow him to continue playing with his friends

Often the best way to feel joy and happiness is to bring those feelings to loved ones. And that’s exactly what a devoted master decided to do so that his handicapped dog could lead an almost normal life.

Indeed, recently, a user of the famous social network TikTok responding to the pseudonym of Joosline posted a video showing her father doing a brilliant gesture for his disabled dog. The animal, named “Canelo”, suffers from hypertrophic osteodystrophy. This disease, which mainly affects the region of the metaphysis and the long bones, particularly at the distal level of the ulna and the tibia, leads to limited mobility, making it difficult or even impossible for dogs to run and therefore play freely. Note that more rarely, the bones of the jaw or the end of the leg can also be affected.

Fortunately, some owners of animals affected by this pathology have a very big heart and do everything in their daily lives to ensure that the life of their furry friend continues to have a fulfilling life and a positive existence. Perhaps the best example of this love is the video you will see in this article. And for good reason, we see a master running in the middle of nature while carrying his disabled dog in his arms. And he doesn’t do it for any reason. He acts in this way to allow Canelo to have fun with the other dogs despite the illness he suffers from, which prevents him from practicing this activity he loved so much.

The video showing this very moving routine is making the rounds of the web and it is not difficult to understand why. It really warms the heart to see how far some owners are willing to go to please their animal. At a time when hundreds of thousands of animals are still abandoned every day in the world, it is important to highlight such acts of solidarity and mutual aid.

So that his dog doesn’t feel left out, Jooseline’s father has found this adorable solution: he carries Canelo in his arms, lending him his own legs so that he can follow the others and play with them. “He can’t make a lot of effort because he’s in pain. My father tries to do everything possible so that Canelo enjoys the moment as much as the other dogs,” says Jooseline.

Admittedly, Canelo may not be able to express in words what this means to him. But seeing the puppy’s smiling face, and the broad smile he seems to be giving in return, it’s a safe bet that he’ll be delighted with his moments of sharing. Obviously, in the eyes of the disabled dog’s family , seeing him so happy is more than enough indirect thanks to their happiness.

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