In the spring, drunken deer can roam along roads and homes

We explain to you today why it is not uncommon to come across deer… drunk when the spring season arrives.

You may not know it, but at this time of year, it is possible to cross paths with deer … drunk !

Yes, you read correctly ! Deer in a state of intoxication, totally “ disoriented ” and sometimes even “ panicked ”, can thus be observed in the spring on the side of the roads or near residential areas, as explained by the 30 million friends Foundation .

This is why motorists are advised to exercise caution because an accident can happen so quickly.

Rest assured, these animals are not drunks, far from it, but one of their food inconveniences nevertheless causes them to have effects similar to those of alcohol .

When the good weather returns, deer indeed love to revel in the sugar from the buds, the sap of which contains alkaloids, which makes them drunk and as dangerous as they are vulnerable.

Undesirable effects that can sometimes lead to comical or even dangerous scenes.

This was particularly the case on April 15, when municipal police officers rescued a poor deer who was wandering, completely drunk, among cars in the parking lot of the Vernon University Hospital.

According to the site , the deer would have decided to ” swim across the Seine and would have granted a trip to the city center “, before completing its alcoholic escapade in front of the health establishment.

Once captured by the police, well helped by a wolf hunter lieutenant, municipal agents but also hospital members, the animal was released into the surrounding forest.

This type of situation is likely to recur in the days and weeks to come, especially since in the spring, the young deer leave the cocoon to emancipate themselves and thus conquer their territory, which amplifies the loss of bearings linked to drunkenness.

Motorists are therefore advised to remain vigilant.

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